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Today, no industry is immune to the effects of environmental pollution. Additionally, the increasingly stringent regulations of air, water, soil, and waste have become a complex and unavoidable element in business transactions once considered routine.

To minimize the risk of environmental contamination and to implement cost effective contamination clean-up programs, the management of companies and public agencies require reliable technical information from experienced professionals. Considering the potential costs and liabilities involved, such consultants must be specifically trained in environmental risk management, pollution control, and regulatory interpretation.

Diversified Environmental Management, Inc. environmental consulting professionals offer broad expertise in environmental management remedial engineering. Whenever a potential or actual environmental problem exists, our staffs are prepared to offer a wide range of management and corrective strategies.

Our environmental consulting services include:

• Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I-II -III).
• Environmental Sampling Strategies and Programs.
• Corporate Environmental Management Programs.
• Regulatory Compliance Services.

• Underground Storage Tank Testing and Management.
• Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation.
• Groundwater and Wastewater Studies.




DEM Inc. has provided numerous demolition services from single structure to multi-level story buildings in a safe and cost effective manner.